Solar Powered Water Feature

Global Warming Can Be In Your Favor

With global warming at the forefront of the environmental problem, the weather can be extremely hot and unpredictable, especially in countries such as Malaysia. It would be a prudent choice to nonetheless harness the abundant solar energy by investing in environmental friendly solar powered water features.

Serene and Blissful Visual Impact

Water features are an excellent environmentally friendly means of enjoying the serenity and blissful sight and sound of moving water in your garden. Without the need to install electric cabling, the installation of solar powered water features is fairly simple and straightforward for children, pets, landscape plantings and wildlife. Plus, there is a wide selection of water features to choose from namely water fountains, dancing fountains, water wall, waterfall, rock garden, and koi ponds. Feel free to mix and match them to create a stunning and impressive highlight of your landscapes, golf course, gardens, and lawns!

Best of all, solar water features are close to being self-sufficient with very little needs for frequent maintenance as the pumps are barely audible which mean you can relax by listening to the sound of water. Besides, they serve a great focal and visual impact whenever there are guests visiting your house.

Last but not least, by owning a solar powered water feature such as a solar fountain, you will be able to provide the much-needed oxygen to your fish on a hot day without consuming any external electricity. This is highly beneficial especially in this time of austerity where every penny counts.

Let Us Help Transform Your Landscape

Hydro Solution is one of the top water features and irrigation system service provider in Malaysia, having knowledge and flair in providing the most diverse water feature and irrigation system designs. As a specialist in our field, our customers range from Penang and Perak all the way south to Kuala Lumpur, Seremban and Johor Bahru. Call us now and let us help you transform your landscape and garden into an elegant and serene display!


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