Residential Irrigation System

Maintaining Your Lawn Need Not Be A Dreadful Task

Irrigating your residential lawn or garden is not as hard as it seems to be, especially when you can conveniently automate the watering of your plants. The weather in Malaysia could be violently unpredictable at times and therefore leads to inconsistent water needs of the plants, making garden and lawn maintenance dreadful and troublesome.

Enjoy The Serenity At Your Own Home

Hydro Solution provides the ideal solution in overcoming your inconvenience in creating and maintaining your own garden landscape. Many people dreamt of owning a beautiful and serene home garden landscape which will draw them closer to Mother Nature but few actually have the discipline or time to maintain, nourish and water the plants. Imagine being able to provide the adequate amount of water to trees, shrubs, and lawns while you are away for work or even for long vacations.  Furthermore, thanks to the current technology in creating organic fertilizer, now, we are able to water the plants using water-soluble fertilizer, hence coined the term fertigation.

Let Us Handle The Complicated Stuff

In designing an efficient residential irrigation system, we will first need to determine the correct Sprinkler System Design Capacity as in how much water is actually available for the implementation of the residential irrigation. The system installed using the city water and the ones using water drawn from a lake or well requires different handling of piping and calculation.

Next, we will advise you on selecting the suitable sprinkler heads for your residential usage which includes large area rotors, rotating stream spray sprinklers, small area fixed spray sprinklers and micro drippers. Each of them has a varying throwing radius (the range that the sprinklers could water). From there, our professionals will design a sprinkler layout which will factor in the water needs of your plants (shrubs have different water needs compared to trees) and your compound area.

We Are Here For You

Drip IrrigationOur team of experts is well-equipped and well-informed in terms of planning an efficient automatic irrigation system.  For almost a decade, we have catered to customers’ needs all over Malaysia from Penang all the way to Kuala Lumpur and the emerging Johor Bahru. Contact us now for our latest deal and start creating your own splendid residential garden landscape!


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