Portable Watering System

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Reduce Your Water Consumption Up to 50%

Generally, there are two main types of watering system. One is the permanent watering system and the other is the portable watering system. The main cause for these to differ is whether the system could be move or not. The permanent watering system is the irrigation system that was set up and meant to be in just one spot. It could be moved as if it moved, it would require another setup. The common example of the system is the pop-up sprinklers. Different with the portable system, it enables you to put it in where ever suitable. Commonly the portable watering system is together with a tank that contains water. The tank then connected with the output such as a sprinkler by using a pipe. This system letting the users bring the tank everywhere and control the direction of the water that is coming out from the output.

The Ideal Watering Solution For Your Landscape

The portable watering system could bring a few benefits for the users. The benefit is, the portable watering system could save water by using it efficiently. Unlike the other watering system, the portable watering system needs to be handled manually. For this reason, the user could observe it more to make sure the water is being used efficiently. The portable watering system also a better solution than the traditional way which is by using bucket and pipes as you could easily bring a large amount of water just everywhere. Instead of carrying your heavy bucket around, now you could just drag it since the tank is with wheels.

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Other than that, the system also would have a longer lifespan. This is because the portable watering system is unlikely to be left outside of the constantly changing weather. In Malaysia especially, the weather is constantly changing between sunny and rains which in a longer term would lead to a shorter lifespan of the product. The product is suitable to be used for indoor plantation due to its convenience.

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