Orchard Watering System

Sprinkler System Piping

Reduce Your Water Consumption Up to 50%

Ever wanted to grow an orchard in your backyard? Maybe you would like to grow your own vegetables or fruits like the rambutan, mango or papaya tree. Maybe even the durian tree. While it seems to be a good venture to start on, growing an orchard is not as easy as you think. Mostly, it’s due to the upkeep of your orchard and the watering system that you use. Well, fear not – that’s where Hydro Solutions comes in.

At Hydro Solutions, we offer our expert assistance to anyone looking to create the garden, and in this case, an orchard of their dreams. We have established ourselves as Malaysia’s prime watering experts, serving mainly in the Kuala Lumpur area but also reaching as far as Penang or Pahang. If you have an orchard, we recommend installing a proper irrigation system. While there are a lot of different systems you can choose from, on stands out for watering in orchards. That is the micro-drip system.

The Ideal Watering Solution For Your Orchard

Let’s go through the list of advantages that a micro-drip system has over other systems, but first, by installing an irrigation system, you cut the cost of labor. For an orchard, it is essential that every plant gets their own share of water. This is what the micro drip offers. Compared to sprinklers, which distributes water all over the place, the micro-drip system is precise. In fact, it is so precise that you can set the amount of water used according to different plants’ requirements. Control over the water amount and the frequency of watering are what ensure a good and consistent yield.

What’s more, the micro-drip system prevents the spread of weeds, as water is directly applied to local areas. The rate of the watering can be set according to the permeability of the soil. A high permeable soil means that water can pass through the soil easily, causing the loss of water. Using a micro-drip system is a smart way to counter this problem because the rate of the watering can be lowered to minimize water loss. Conversely, for soils of low permeability, a higher rate of watering is used to ensure enough water reaches the root of the plant.

We Are Ready To Serve You!

Hydro Solutions can be reached at 018-3866453, or sales@irrigationmalaysia.com. Our website contains more information on other watering systems and their uses. We hope to serve you soon!


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