Micro Watering System

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Reduce Your Water Consumption Up to 50%

The healthy growth of the plant is very important in making sure your lawn have the perfect and natural colours. However, to do so could be difficult when using the unsuitable watering system. This is because when planting decorative plants, weed would usually grow together and thus take over the nutrients offered for the plants. Among the reason for this condition to happen is that the soil is frequently wet even at the unnecessary spot. If weed is let to grow, it would disturb and even able to kill the decorative plants.

The Ideal Watering Solution For Your Landscape

To prevent this from happening, the lawn should also be compliment with a suitable watering system as example micro watering system. The micro watering system is a low-pressure irrigation system where it gives a frequent application of small quantities of water directly above and below the soil surface. There are a few types of micro watering system available in our markets such as drip heads, spray nozzles, and sprinklers. The drip heads allow you to supply water in the form of drops straight to the base of the plants. Divided into two types, drip heads that we provide would give a chance for you to choose whether fixed the flow rate or adjust it to your own likes. The spray nozzles, on the other hand, will make a certain pattern ranging from 90 degrees to 360 degrees. However, spray type nozzles would only give a light spray in the target area. The user will have the flexibility to choose the target area as in the pattern of the spray. Lastly sprinkler. The type of sprinklers that we provide for the micro watering system is the mini-sprinklers type. Different from the usual sprinklers, mini-sprinklers have a limited range of water distribution.

Hydro Solution is Here to Serve You!

The slow watering system could give a few other advantages other than preventing the weed from growing. The other benefits are such as water and energy savings. Different with the other watering system, the micro watering system injects water directly to plant root zone. This not only could enhance the plant’s growth, it also prohibits from the excessive wet area which leads to the extra use of water. While in the term of energy savings, the micro watering system requires a small unit of power and thus consumes less electrical energy.

With the best service in the country, Hydro Solution would be the perfect company to handle your intricate irrigation system. Give us a call at +6018-3866453.


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