Lawn Watering System

Sprinkler System Piping

Reduce Your Water Consumption Up to 50%

What is the best irrigation system if you have a lawn? If you are unaware of irrigation or watering systems, don’t fret. Hydro Solutions is here to help you.

To start off, there are many watering systems that are out there but there are two that are the most popular – the sprinkler system and the drip watering system. Which is better for a lawn? The answer is the drip system and chances are, you probably haven’t heard of a drip watering system. So, what is it, and why is it better than the sprinkler system?

For start, drip watering system gives you good control of the amount of water each plant or area receives. This will prevent the growth of unwanted weeds or other needless plants that you will spend time plucking off. You want your lawn to be beautiful and not infested with ugly weeds.

The Ideal Watering Solution For Your Landscape

If you are conscious on saving water, then the drip system is the way to go. Watering is done through small drips instead of a jet of water. This not only saves water, it also makes sure the plants receive water where they are needed. Ultimately, this encourages them to grow healthily. Water will not be saturated easily, making the loss of water during evaporation almost negligible. Furthermore, water runoff on slopes will not be a problem compared to watering using sprinklers or hoses.

Another benefit of having a drip system is that it promotes grass roots to grow deeper in search of water, thus making your lawn less susceptible to drought and Malaysia’s hot weather.

Hydro Solution is Here to Serve You!

In short, the drip watering system is the way to go if you plan on keeping a beautiful lawn outside your home. We at Hydro Solutions is here to offer you our undivided expertise and professional help to help you achieve that goal. Our services are offered at an affordable price and it also covers repair and maintenance of the watering system. Call us now at 018-3866453 or email us at to start with your quotation. Visit our website for more information regarding other types of watering system and irrigation services we offer.


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