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Your Sprinkler System Should Be Maintained Regularly!

If there has ever been anyone who has told you that you could not take care of your sprinkler system during a hot sunny day was a downright liar! There is a lot that you can do during a hot sunny day to make sure that your sprinkler system stays working at a 100% despite the heat! When was the last time that you gave your sprinkler heads a look? Do you know what some telltale signs are in your grass? All this and more are going to get discuss in this article.

Most of the modern sprinkler system, those less than 10 years old, have a test cycle. Just wait for a hot day and run it on ‘test’, and it will run for a few minutes, one zone at a time. When you are there check for broken, clogged, leaky, or stuck heads! Each of these comes with it own warning signs and consequences.

How To Check For Faulty Part?

Broken heads are hard to see but simply check to see if the head is retracting or not. See if there is a geyser of water shooting from your sprinkler where the head is then you definitely have a broken head. Dirt, mud, minerals, and mulch can all be the cause for a clogged head. Nine times out of ten just a screwdriver can fix this. When working properly, sprinkler heads should pop up during use and retract when water flow shuts off. Sometimes things do not go as planned.

There is a handful of what I like to call telltale signs when you are an owner of a sprinkler system. Brown areas, of course, represent that there is no water but did you know how to look for a pattern? If it is just one area then the sprinkler system is either broken or clogged. If you have many areas then you might not have your system on enough.

Start Maintain Now!

Sprinkler System Piping

Want to know how much water you are giving your plants? Place an empty bowl of cat food or tuna on your lawn. Turn the sprinkler on for thirty minutes and measure the water. This way you can keep track of your water and be a cool sprinkler system owner.

We at Hydro Solution are willing to help you to do all the hassle of checking and sprinkler system maintenance job, as well as repairing. Just give us a call whenever you need our help.


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