Lawn Sprinkler System Installation

Garden Sprinkler System

The last time that the installation topic was spoken about we only dipped our toes into the water as we gave an overview steps that are required such as: digging the trenches, making the water connections, installing the zone valves, place the pipes, connect the pipes to the valve box, roll out the irrigation, install ground stakes, and lastly connect the timer wires. This time we are going to talk about each step in brief detail but it is recommended that you have a professional installs this system for you. If you are still determined there is one piece of advice before we start – always check with the local building department to make sure that you obtain all necessary permits for installing a lawn sprinkler system.

The Simple Lawn Sprinkler System Installation Steps

When you are digging the trenches the most important thing is to look into the water source that you will be tapping into. It could be buried underground or even the water meter in the basement. You want to dig to a depth of four to twelve inches base on recommendations in your area.

Making a water connection is not  an easy job and most people recommend that you have a professional plumber tap into the mainline. If you can do this yourself then please go ahead.

Typically when you are installing a system the city will give you a “plan” so if you made it this far then you map will tell you here to install the zone valves. The steps here also depends on your manufacturer heavily.

This step is as easy as it sounds! Just save the money at the store by knowing exactly how much pipe you will need.

Once again another self-explanatory step.

You want to place your sprinkler at the end of each flexible pipe. Remove the cap and install the appropriate nozzle as indicated in your plan.

This part is a hassle and a half. Roll out the tubing and keep it twelve inches apart from your flower beds. Anything other than a flower bed will have where to put the irrigation system on your plan.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds!

The last two steps are self-explanatory as well. If you are having any trouble with installing the ground stakes and timers then how have you been following your plan the entire time? This entire process is a breeze if you have the city permission to do it for you and it could save you a few hundreds of dollars to the installation yourself. It is also cheaper to smoke meats if you hunt the animal as well. So just remember that a certain level of skill is required before you start messing around with tubing. Again, Hydro Solution is just a phone call away whenever you need help in your lawn sprinkler system installation.


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