Lawn Pop Up Sprinkler System

Should You Install A Lawn Pop Up Sprinkler System?

Why would you ever want invest in a Lawn Pop Up Sprinkler System (LPSS) if you are just your regular joe? A pop-up sprinkler is perfect for mothers who are on the go with their garden or the hands-on dads who want the greenest grass on their side of the neighborhood. Have you ever even look into the price for a sprinkler system? What if I could tell you that it takes less than twenty-four hours in most installation cases? First thing first, lets’s get a basic overview and shopping list out for those who are interested.

Required Stuffs To Get Started

For a typical LPSS project the estimated time that it takes to the install sprinkler system, these are just guesses by the guys who install an LPSS themselves, takes 16 to 20 hours. The required tools for the job is a PVC pipe cutter, 100-foot measuring tape, trenching shovel, trenching machine, large pliers, utility knife, tongue and groove pliers, and a screwdriver.

There are a total of twelve things that you will need to put on your shopping list if you are planning on doing this yourself such as a/an: drip irrigation tubing, marker flags, flexible piping, 3/4 inch and 1 inch PVC pipe, assorted PVC fittings,  ground stakes, assorted spray nozzles, pop-up sprinkles, PVC cement and primer, zone valves, and valve box. While there is much more detail to this than what meets the eye but the basic way that LPSS are made first started by digging the trenches, making the water connections, installing the zone valves, place the pipes. connect the pipes to the valve box, roll out the irrigation, install ground stakes, and lastly connect the timer wires.

Why Not Let Us Do The Difficult Job?

Installation prices are really cheap if you can provide the company with the majority of the supplies that they will need for a job. It is not recommended that you install these systems yourself if you are not up to snuff with your carpentry skills, that is why Hydro Solution is here to assist you.  So why not you get into action now, let us handle the troublesome part, and own the best grass in your neighborhood?


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