Koi Pond Service

Koi FishIs Your Koi Pond Being Taken Care Properly?

Some expert breeders may say that koi pond landscaping is much, much easier compared to maintaining it. However, complications should always be tackled from its roots. Future koi breeders must remember to take care of your koi pond right from the start.

The How To’s

The main issues faced by koi pond owners are acid rain, nutrient-enriched surface water and overfeeding. To prevent yourself from buying the wrong food or feeding too much, you should read up the nutrient and the amount needed by your koi or you could always check with your local pet shop. There’s hardly anything we can do when acid rain falls. It’s nature. What we can do is to perform regular water checks. Many may think having this as a routine is irrelevant and a chore. To be honest, taking care of a pet, even if it’s a fish, takes effort. Poor water quality is one of the main reasons for fishes to die. Even the hardiest fish won’t be able to survive lousy water conditions.

Having koi ponds means having a lot of equipment. These normally include a good quality filtration system, a powerful pump and ultraviolet sterilizer. Each equipment is essential in cultivating your koi. The pump is used for pumping water in and out of the pond which helps provide proper water movement. The filtration system is responsible for keeping the water clean. Sounds confusing?

We Are Ready To Support!

Indoor Water Feature

Don’t worry, Hydro Solution is not confused. We may not be able to help in terms of what fish food to buy, but we are expert at maintaining your pond. At Hydro Solution, we’re not afraid to boast: that we give great koi pond service. Or any service for that matter, even water fountain service. We know it’s hard to preserve a koi pond, especially in the midst of busy schedules. So, we are here for you. Hydro Solution will help service the equipment and we’ll clean out your dirty water. We’ll do anything to keep your koi pond in tip top shape. Call us at +6018-3866453 NOW for more information.


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