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An irrigation system ensures that your lawn and landscape is automatically watered at the preset time with the right amount of water. Pipes and sprinkler heads are installed beneath the ground surface and channel the water to the designated location such as lawn, garden, and landscape in accordance to each zone’s unique water needs. An irrigation system answers your needs to eliminate the demanding task of keeping your lawn and garden well-nourished and adequately watered. With a programmed controller handling all your garden and landscape watering, you can enjoy more free time while admiring a beautiful landscape of your own creation.

Irrigation Pipe Repair

So, what could be wrong with your irrigation system? It could be something as simple as reprogramming the timer clock, replacing a broken pipe head or unclogging the dirt from the pipe heads. It could also be something as tedious as looking for an elusive leak along your pipelines or readjusting the spray coverage of your irrigation system.

Whatever the problem may be with your irrigation system, nobody likes a faulty system. What more if the problem happens to be a leak causing a continuously flowing stream of water? Just imagine how much water is flowing down the drain while your water bills keep increasing? The damage of over-watering your plants may cause root rot or even drown your precious plants! And if the problem is a broken pipe head that isn’t working, your plants may wither up quickly in this tropical heatwave, leaving you with a sad lifeless garden. So, a prompt repair of your faulty irrigation system is a must.

We are Here to Help!

Pop Up SprinklerHydro Solution is committed to protecting the investment you have made in your lawn and landscape by offering irrigation pipe repair for a wide range of irrigation projects ranging from small residential jobs, athletic fields, to golf courses and large estates. With our vast experience dealing with customers all over Malaysia, you can rest assured that the job will be done right the first time. Call us now for your free quotation NOW!


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