Irrigation Controller

Irrigation controller, also known as irrigation timer, is the sophisticated hallmark of smart irrigation system and technology advancement. Essentially, the controller will send signals to sprinkler valves. The valve opens and closes depending on the signals received from the controller, which will subsequently activate or deactivate the sprinklers.

Sprinkler Layout

The illustration above taken from Rain Bird ESP solid state irrigation controller catalogue demonstrates how an area which is divided into three separate zones (or stations) is watered. Each sprinkler in each station will be activated during their allotted time.

Sensor Integration

Integrated with sensors, the controller will automatically adjust the watering schedule depending on changes in local climate condition. Both the solar and temperature sensor are used for determining the rate of evapotranspiration (the rate at which plants and turf consume water). The irrigation will shut down automatically when it rains or during humid conditions, saving you precious water along the way. The only precaution that you might need to be alert of is to make sure your sensors are not covered or shadowed by buildings in order to have a more accurate reading. Irrigation controller helps to control and implement the programmed watering schedule of various zones.

Schedule Your Watering With Ease!

To simplify the process of telling your controller what to do, first, you will need to fill up the sheet or table such as the one below.

Zone A Zone B Zone C
Start Times 1030pm 2am and 4am 6pm
Run Times 10 minutes 30 minutes 20 minutes
Days to Water Tuesday and Thursday Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Monday and Wednesday

The above table shows the example of the watering table that can be programmed into the controller. Zone A such as trees can be irrigated twice a week using drip irrigation for 10 minutes and Zone B which contains plants such as shrubs might require more and longer watering. The point is, with a systematic watering schedule, water distribution can be done efficiently and the best part is, all these are automated.

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