Indoor Garden Lighting

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It’s always relaxing to see beautiful greens growing in your housing compound whether for the purpose of beautifying or even for consumption. But there is always something stopping you; the lack of sunlight in that area or maybe a lack of outdoor space for your garden. There is an alternative. With Hydro Solution’s indoor garden lighting, you can bring your garden indoors!

Why Indoor Garden Lighting?

Many of you may be wondering how this is possible and will have many doubts and uncertainty but allow us to enlighten you. Although Malaysia may not have issues about sunlight, but space is another thing. In many areas, land may cost a lot and not everyone can afford to own a large space for a garden. But this should not prevent you from having your very own green paradise.

Now there are a few things that need to be considered when planning an indoor garden and lighting is paramount. Without the right lighting, your plants may grow to be long, skinny and limp if it grows at all. So here are a few indoor garden lighting choices that you may consider.

First up is an incandescent light. These are the least expensive lights and they work very well for specific plants where the light is placed at a certain distance from the plant. The reason for this is because they get extremely hot so they must be used with care. The next is fluorescent grow lights. Now, these are a common choice for most homeowners because they are reasonably energy efficient. Now a fluorescent light is typically on the blue end of the light spectrum and it encourages the bushy compact growth of the plants. This is perfect for the starting seeds to grow. A blue light is also cool to the touch and thus makes it possible to place lights within just a few inches of the seedlings.

Hydro Solution Is Here To Help!

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If you are excited to have your very own indoor garden but is unsure the suitable indoor garden lighting needed, Hydro Solution is here to help you. Come to us with your ideas and choice of plants and we will suggest the best lighting needed for your plants and also your space. We also take into consideration your budget so that we can offer the best for you based on your needs and wants. Do not hesitate and contact us today at +6018-3866453 for more information!


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