House Irrigation System

Garden Sprinkler System

Can’t Allocate Time To Water Your Garden?

Watering the plants can be such a chore sometimes, especially if you own a large garden or lawn. It could be the weather, or just our hectic daily schedules that make lugging the water hose around to water the plants such a tedious task. Fret not, a house irrigation system could solve all your problems in the blink of an eye!! No extra time or effort needed, since the system will water your plants for you. As a bonus, you even get a lusher expanse of greenery than you ever had before in your garden or lawn!

Sure, you get the part about saving on time and effort, but a lusher and more beautiful garden or lawn? How does that work? An irrigation system can be adjusted to deliver just the right amount of water required at any time of the day. Watering in the early morning and late evenings reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation, but nobody wants to step out into their gardens at such odd hours, do they? Also, by delivering just the right amount of water to your plants, little runoff occurs. Runoff, the excess water that flows away, not only washes away the topsoil, but also leaches the nutrients from your soil.

Designed Solely For Your Garden

With the optimum amount of water being delivered to your plants daily, your garden is bound to thrive and blossom in no time!! The reduced evaporation and excess runoff also reduces the burden of water consumption on your wallet as less water wastage occurs. Not to mention, reduced water consumption goes a long way in preserving the disappearing water resources!

House irrigation systems include two types: garden irrigation system and lawn irrigation system. These two irrigation systems differ slightly in their purpose and set up. For garden irrigation systems, you can set up a drip irrigation system, a sprinkler irrigation system or a flood irrigation system. On the other hand, the lawn irrigation system usually consists of only the sprinkler irrigation system which promotes a greater wide-spread reach. Drip irrigation systems and flood irrigation systems are better for watering individual plants instead of a large open area such as a lawn. The house irrigation system is designed to suit your garden and/or lawn depending on the types of plants, type of soil, topography and mainline water pressure among other things.

Take Action Now!

The house irrigation system is highly versatile, making it easy to customise to the needs of your garden or lawn. It can be whatever you need, or want, with just some simple tweaks here and there to the system, at any time. So, don’t wait any longer to get one installed in your house!


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