House Gutter Repair


As mentioned before, gutters are common features in any structure whether domestic or industrial. Gutters are relatively simple in design and so there are only just a few ways that they can fail. It is important to constantly be aware of the possible damages so to prevent your gutters from receiving too heavy damage. At Hydro Solution, we have just the right house gutter repairs for your gutter needs.

Common House Gutter Problems

Here are some common house gutter problems that need repairs and maintenance. The first common problems would be the blockage. Your gutters may be clogged by debris such as the build-up of natural materials like leaves or even unnatural materials like a shuttlecock that your child accidentally shot towards your roof and ended up in your gutters. If there seem to be water marks under your gutters or pooling of water near your foundation, that just means that your gutters are probably overflowing and needs to be cleaned out. Remember to check your downspout as it can also be blocked.

Another issue you must watch out for is sagging. If you notice your gutters leaning down or pulling away from the house, you need to act quickly to avoid rotting fascia board and total gutter collapse. The reason your gutters are sagging is most likely caused by a broken hanger or spike. We would inspect the sagging area to determine the parts needed to repair and be replaced.

If your gutters still experience water escaping but they are not blocked, you likely have a leak. A leak sometimes occurs between the joints between the sections of each gutter, which can be resealed easily. A leak can also be because of a crack in your gutters due to corrosion or a crack. A crack can be patched up but since it has become a weak spot, It may develop into a recurring problem.

Hydro Solution is Here to Help!


These are some of the possible problems you may have to face. Confused and unsure about your house gutter repairs? Call us today as Hydro Solution is always ready to solve your problems.


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