Greenhouse Watering System

Sprinkler System Piping

Reduce Your Water Consumption Up to 50%

A greenhouse is a structure that traps sunlight inside, making the interior warmer than the outside. This is why climate change is also known as the “greenhouse” effect, as the “greenhouse” gasses trap the heat from the sunlight, making the Earth much warmer. But you may ask, Malaysia is already warm, we don’t need to build a greenhouse, right? Wrong! In fact, farmers in Malaysia are keen on taking up greenhouse farming because it would lead to better production and ultimately, income.

In order to sustain a greenhouse, you have to have a good watering system. Our company, Hydro Solutions recognizes this. This is why we have worked and developed ourselves as experts in providing customers with the right watering systems to suit their needs. Mainly, there are two types of watering system that are best used in a greenhouse – the sprinkler system and the drip watering system.

Sprinkler System is the Ideal Watering Solution For Your Landscape

Sprinklers provide water to plants over a large area. Sprinklers can be installed overhead to act like artificial rain for the plants below. Its wide spread of water is best suited to plants that are more tolerant to wetness. On the contrary, the drip watering system is best suited to water potted plants. Drippers are placed on top of each plant and provide every plant with the same amount of water. This is far more time-consuming and labor-cutting than hand watering.

With a little extra expenditure at first, farmers could save cost in the long run by saving time, water and labor. Traditional hand watering is far more time consuming and not as efficient as utilizing more modern watering systems. Not to mention, modern watering systems promotes the healthy growth of crops because they receive the right amount of water and at the perfect time. Ultimately, this leads to the better production of crops, which is what farmers are crying out for.

Hydro Solution is Here To Help!

Farmers in Malaysia, look no further than Hydro Solutions to ramp up your agricultural business. We are eager to share our technical expertise and years of experience with prospective farmers looking to increase their output. Call us at 018-3866453 for more details and quotation.


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