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The success of golf course operations is linked strongly to an efficient irrigation system. A golf course irrigation system requires the expertise of a competent golf course irrigation contractor nevertheless due to the need for delicate and precise handling of portable sprinklers, multiple pump stations, highly sophisticated automatic control systems, system design capacity, and elaborate sprinkler layouts. Without doubt, an irrigation system is the single most crucial maintenance tool available to the golf course superintendent as the condition of the golf course bears a direct implication to the success and bottom line of a golf facility. The lack of efficiency and effectiveness of an irrigation system for golf courses will severely hamper the quality of playing conditions.


It is vital to take into consideration the evapotranspiration when designing the irrigation system for a golf course. Evapotranspiration refers to evaporation of water the soil and transpiration from plants leaves. To estimate this, a weighing lysimeter is used for measuring the loss of water from turfgrass plots whereby its soil is placed in a box that is supported by a weighing scale. The turfgrass is then properly maintained and irrigated and weighted after a period of time for any change in weight due to evapotranspiration. Alternatively, weather conditions such as wind speed, temperature, sunlight intensity, humidity and other parameters can be measured to calculate the amount of plant water use.

Investment Well-Spent

An efficient and cost-effective irrigation system for your golf course will provide a reliable turf management tool for many years to come. We can assure you that the time and money spent to choose the optimal design, high-quality products, and the right golf course irrigation contractors such as Hydro Solution will pay great future dividends in system performance and reliability. Best of all, you can enjoy the ownership of your well-irrigated golf course and landscape.

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LandscapeAs an irrigation company with more than a decade of experience in business serving clients all over Malaysia such as Penang, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, and Malacca, we at Hydro Solution are more than pleased to put our experience to work for you. Feel free to call us NOW for a free quote!


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