Flower Bed Watering System

Sprinkler System Piping

Reduce Your Water Consumption Up to 50%

Flower bed could be a good center of attention of a common-green lawn. Among flowers that commonly used as flower bed are such as canna, cat’s whiskers, and shooting star. However, as much as any other plant, flower bed need a proper supply of water in order for it to grow beautifully. Lack of supplement in its necessity could result in a damage flower bed and diseased flower plant. For this case, a well-planned watering system should be applied together with the flower bed. Most owners prefer to water their flower bed traditionally as it will save money. But the traditional method would only result in wasting more water as almost 40% to 70% of water loss during the process. The process also proved to be less efficient as the water poured unable to reach its roots and soil which results in less water intake by the plants.

The Ideal Watering Solution For Your Landscape

Hydro Solution provides a lot of types of the water system that could give huge benefits to flower bed as well as the owners. Generally, sprinklers and drip system are among the best to fulfill the duty as a flower bed watering system. Both of this systems could serve an efficient task in making sure that the flower bed receives enough water supply. Other than that, by installing the features, it will save your time by making sure the plants will be watered at the exact time.

Sprinklers watering system is a system where water will be sprayed on the land surface in the form of artificial rain. The tiny droplets then will slowly drip to the whole plant leaving it looking fresh and moist. The types of sprinklers are divided by two which is the automatic sprinklers and manual sprinklers. The only difference is the owner able to control it or just set it to work on a certain time.

Hydro Solution is Here to Serve You!

The other watering system that suits with flower bed is the drip irrigation system. Different with sprinklers, drip irrigation system put forward the water saving concept by channeling water directly to the soil. Drip irrigation system ensures a damp soil for plants’ root especially in a hot climate area such as Malaysia. The system is proven to be helpful in making plants grow faster with a smaller usage of water.

With the best watering system for your flower bed, give us a call at  +6018-3866453 and we will prepare only the tremendous for you.


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