Farm Watering System

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Reduce Your Water Consumption Up to 50%

As a country that possesses numerous types of sectors, Malaysia had grown dependent on the sectors’ contribution. Year by year, more Malaysian jump into doing the various kind of sector. Among the sector that we all have an eye upon is the agriculture sector. In 2015 alone, the sector had contributed 8.9 percent of the Domestic Gross Product (GDP), which makes it as one of the important sectors in Malaysia. Generally, agriculture compromises both the fruits and vegetable farming and also livestock. Different with livestock, farming requires a different kind of attention in order for it to produce the highest quality product. Attention such as the water control plays a very important role in the production.

The Ideal Watering Solution For Your Landscape

For farming, Hydro Solution introduces a few products that would make sure the health and quality of the crops. In Hydro Solution, we have sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and micro irrigation that work well with any type of farm. Sprinkler irrigation could work well with any size of fields. Work in a circular motion, sprinklers distribute water evenly to the whole area in its radius. Here in our company, we provide three different types of sprinklers which are solid set, periodic move and pressurize wheel line with the main difference is whether it’s moveable to static on the ground.

Next is the drip irrigation system. With the main objective to save water and avoid weed, this irrigation would be perfect for farmers. The drip system is a way of channeling water directly to the plant’s soil area which could avoid the waste of water, especially during the arid season. The drip system is proven to help plants grow more due to the reason that nutrients solution that flows together with the water are less likely to be wasted. Other than minimizing the run-offs, the system also distributes water evenly to all plants as every plant have its own output to receive the nutrients.

Hydro Solution is Here to Serve You!

The last watering system for farming is the micro irrigation system. Here at Hydro Solution, we partnered up micro-irrigation system with the drip system. The micro-drip irrigation system is an accurate, metered method which will substantially reduce water consumption which makes it suitable for the farming activities. The micro-drip irrigation is the use of small, low-volume sprinklers that gives an adequate amount of water to the involved area. The system has 3 differents watering outlets. They are drip heads, spray nozzles, and sprinklers (mini-sprinklers).

Here in Hydro Solution, we provide the most suitable irrigation system for farming as well as services. Contact us now at +6018-3866453 to get yours.


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