Farm Drip Irrigation System


Finest Precision Just Like Laser!

Sometimes when you are farming you are going to want to focus on precision over anything else. This is exactly what a farm drip irrigation system can provide you with! A farm drip system takes the water exactly where it is needed, unlike sprinkler based systems, and it is highly customizable. This article will not do the customizability justice but should scrape the top of the iceberg on how you can fine tune your own system. First, how do you install a farm drip system? There are only two steps! (Warning this is just the jist, plumbing, carpentry, and research skills are required.)

The Installation Steps

Step One is to install the timers, valves, and hardware. The timers can be very basic such as solar/battery powered will work just fine. How many values will you need? It depends on your garden. It is best to measure it because larger gardens will need a multi-zone timer system. Some of the hardware you will need will be a shut-off valve, backflow prevention device, 24-volt sprinkler, weatherproof wire nuts, drip filter, and pressure reducer. There are many places in Malaysia where installation services are offered but this article is just here to give you an idea of the process that goes into building a drip irrigation system.

Step Two is just as complex and if Step One threw you for a loop then there is no point in going into detail. All you need to do for Step Two is to install tubing and emitters. Normally how and where you install them should be in your plans that you got from the city. Just as a general rule of thumb, each valve can only water about 1000 square feet of vegetation.

We Provide The Best Service In Malaysia

Drip Irrigation System The customization is insane with this system. Drip systems are best described like legos meaning that add-ons and adjustments are easy such as tubing that already has emitters install into them. There are “smart” systems such as moisture sensors and satellite-driven weather stations that help you calibrate the conditions of your plant. That is just dipping your toes into the water that the farm drip irrigation system can offer your farm. The pricing of installation varies from state to state so be sure to check around! Of course, if you need help with the installation we at Hydro Solution are always ready for your call. Contact us now and join our list of satisfied customers!


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