Electronic Watering System

Sprinkler System Piping

Reduce Your Water Consumption Up to 50% Through Automation

Imagine the world where things are automated. Devices control and carry out our duty and we just sit back and relax. That thought is only relevant to our ancestors. We live in a world that is highly technological. I mean, look at your smartphone – it will automatically update apps on the fly. We have ATMs, vending machines, and ultimately, Google’s latest self-driving car.


Have you notice a trend here – humans are evolving to become lazier. Yup, we just don’t give a shit about many of the things we used to like doing, like driving, washing our clothes, and watering our plants. Yes, watering plants can be done without human’s divine intervention. It’s a thing called the sprinkler, and it can be automated.

Sprinkler System is the Ideal Watering Solution For Your Landscape

How exactly can a sprinkler be automated? The answer lies in the electronic controllers that are installed with the sprinkler system. There are a few types of controllers. There are rain sensors and rain gauges which detect and monitor rainfall so that the sprinkler does not turn on if it is raining. There is also the moisture sensor, which monitors the moisture content of the soil. This device makes sure the sprinkler is only turned on when the water content in the soil is starting to decrease and stops the sprinkler when the water content is high enough.

Then, there is the timer which turns on the sprinkler at preset times. The two best times to turn on the sprinkler are during the early morning and late evening when the evaporation rate is the lowest. In short, all the devices make sure that the plant receives the right amount of water at the best time to facilitate a fast and healthy growth.

Let Us Serve You!

Visit Hydro Solutions for more information regarding automated sprinklers and more watering options that you can use. Write us an email at sales@irrigationmalaysia.com. You can also call us at 018-3866453. We have served many customers in the Klang Valley and its surrounding areas. Give us a try and we will make your gardening experience much, much easier.


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