Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System

Garden Sprinkler System

Achieve More With Minimal Efforts!

Maintaining a healthy, dense, green and actively growing lawn might be mundane and time-consuming in the long run but could be made simple and convenient by installing an automatic lawn sprinkler system. Living in a dry and humid country such as Malaysia, it is surprisingly hard to maintain a beautiful garden or lawn as most people tend to think that the lack of water will damage the lawn when in actual fact that overwatering are often the main culprit and may cause an even greater damage to your lawn or garden. Overwatering bears several consequences namely increased disease incidence, potential mosquito breeding ground, shallow rooting, waste of valuable natural resources and higher water bills. A rule of thumb when watering a lawn, it is best to err on the dry side rather than to be guilty of overwatering.

The Benefits of Having an Automated System

Some of the advantages related to having an automatic lawn sprinkler system installed are enhanced plant growth, crop yield and quality with less water consumption, improved fertilizer and pesticide management, and less variability in soil water and nutrient distribution. A precise and more timely application of fertilizer especially those water soluble ones via fertigation can reduce the hassle of manual laboring. Moreover, with automation in place, one can be away from home for several days without worrying about the lack of lawn and garden maintenance.

We Can Help You Save Money and Water!

Garden SprinklersTo conclude, having an automatic lawn sprinkler system in watering your crops and plants helps you save both precious time and water. The task of maintaining a garden or yard does not seem that hard now isn’t it? We at Hydro Solution aim in helping you, our future customers create and maintain a beautiful home garden and lawn. We serve customers all over the nation especially those from Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malacca, Seremban, and Johor. Give us a call now and let us provide you with an excellent irrigation service!


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