Automatic Indoor Plant Watering System

Sprinkler System Piping

Reduce Your Water Consumption Up to 50%

It becomes emerging trend nowadays where people prefer to live in apartments, condominiums, and penthouses. Mostly because it’s affordable, easy to access to multiple facilities and suitable to live in a city area. Compare to terrace houses and bungalow, this space-limited living house is more common for those who live in a busy area. One way to improve your life quality when you’re living in these type of houses is by having indoor plants that small and would perfectly complete your houses. Indoor plant such as peace lily, cast-iron plant, and Hoya are among the types of plants that would be suitable in your house.

The Ideal Watering Solution For Your Landscape

Living with the indoor plants not only complete your living room, but it also could give multiple benefits to you and your health. Factors such as increase oxygen amount in the air and gives a touch of freshness to your house are an example of its benefits. However, taking care of indoor plants sometimes could be a headache when you have a tight schedule and plants to take care of. Here in Hydro Solution, we provide you with an alternative that could help you with that matter. We suggest, the drip watering system. Automatic indoor plant watering system is an irrigation system that the time for the water flow already set beforehand.

Hydro Solution is Here to Serve You!

Drip watering system is a personalized, slow watering system. Different with the irrigation system, drip watering system channeled water to every vase. It would direct the water straightly to the plant’s root area making sure each and every plant receive the same amount of water at the same time. Drip watering system would outsource the water in a slow pressure thus making sure the soil stays at the same place with minimizing soil movement. With an addition of automated machine for the watering system, now you don’t have to worry about watering your plant anymore as you yourself can set the time for water to be distributed to your plants. It ensures your plants receive water at the precise time.

Hydro Solution provides the best irrigation’s advice and services. With over 6 branches all over the country, we ensure we serve our customers best. Call us now at +6018-3866453.


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