Agricultural Sprinkler Irrigation System

Your Best Friend In Agriculture

Unsatisfied with your current agricultural irrigation systems and thinking of an upgrade? Look no further than the agricultural sprinkler irrigation system! The agricultural sprinkler irrigation system uses a rolling pipe type irrigation which promises to deliver precise irrigation control as well as efficient irrigation to all your crops in the field.

It doesn’t matter if your field is large or small, the agricultural sprinkler irrigation system can be customised as you wish to suit all the exacting requirements of your various crops. Yes, you heard that right! Much of the agricultural sprinkler irrigation system can be adjusted. For example, the spray area, volume and density of water and the size of the water droplets can all be programmed in accordance with your wishes and the needs of your crops.

Increase Your Yield Now!

The agricultural sprinkler irrigation system is suitable for most row, field and tree crops and the water can be sprayed over or under the crop canopy. However, it is less suited for delicate crops that may be damaged by larger drops of falling water or are more susceptible to leaves rot as the sprinkler irrigation may cause the surrounding air to be humid. However, it is perfectly suited for any kind of field topography, be it flat and uniformed or sloping and undulating.

If you think the agricultural sprinkler irrigation system is suited for your crops, that’s great! The sprinkler irrigation system is great for your crops because it imitates the falling rain by shooting out streams of water into the air which then turn into falling drops of water that gently lands on your crops and the surrounding soil. This efficient irrigation performance is achieved through high uniformity and fast rotation times of the sprinkler heads. The gentle rain-like flow of water promotes the germination of seeds and the growth of your crops, producing a high quality, saleable yield during harvest.

Let Us Clear Your Doubts

Still not sure if agricultural sprinkler irrigation systems are what you’re looking for? No worries, just direct any queries you may have towards us and we will endeavour to answer all your questions. Just pick up the phone, and give us a call, we’ll only be too happy to lend you our assistance!


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